Papain, Papain), also known as papaya enzyme, is a kind of proteolytic enzymes. Is papaya protease papaya (Carieapapaya) contains a low specific proteolytic enzyme, widely exist in root, stem, leaf and fruit of papaya, which content is the most abundant in the immature breast milk. The activity of papain center contains cysteine, belong to the sulfhydryl protease, it has high enzyme activity, good thermal stability, natural health security and other characteristics, so in food, medicine, feed, cosmetic, leather and textile industries widely used.


Papain (spermase PA1)

Papain is a pure natural substance extracted from the immature fruits of papaya by biotechnology. It is safe and reliable. It is a sulfhydryl (—SH) endopeptidase with the flow activity of protein and esterase. It has a wide range of specificity, has strong hydrolysis ability to animal and plant protein polypeptides, esters, amides, etc., and also has the function of synthesis, which can synthesize protein-like proteins from protein hydrolyzates.



Dongguan Huaqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 2018 Fire Safety Training

After careful research and careful planning, the company safety office actively coordinated with other departments, and received strong support and active cooperation. The 2018 company safety fire training was held on September 6 as scheduled.


Celebrate the company won the honorary title of high-tech enterprise

With the unremitting efforts of the company's technical team, after years of technical research and innovation, it was rated as a "high-tech enterprise" by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in November 2018!


The annual industry event!

The 2015 China International Food Additives and Ingredients Spring Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from April 1st to April 3rd, 2015.


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