New honey - a delicacy that promotes natural success, tastes the sweetness of nature


Three new honeys are grandly launched

In order to meet the needs of the market and provide customers with a variety of choices, the company selects high-quality honey with regional characteristics on the basis of the original honey products, and carefully launches three new honey products. The new honey is easy to use, safe and hygienic in terms of the selection of packaging materials and the design of the bottle body and cap, reflecting their own characteristics, as well as a reform and innovation that is different from the original products.

The unique bottle cap design, the uncovered bottle cap makes eating a little more convenient, and the well-designed unique squeeze-type small mouth can control the amount at will, and avoid the residue of honey on the edge of the bottle mouth, reflecting the It adopts the concept of saving advocated by the public; it is packaged in a special plastic bottle for food, which is light and easy to carry, and has the function of preventing breakage; the aesthetic design of the bottle body makes it feel good in hand.

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