What is Chicken Meal?


Chicken powder is made of chicken stripped from the bones, which is cooked, extracted and air-dried in a modern process of high temperature and high pressure, without adding any flavoring, freshness and seasoning ingredients, effectively retaining the flavor, taste and nutrients of natural chicken.

Chicken powder is extracted from fresh chicken by mild biological enzymatic hydrolysis or boiled, then concentrated, spray-dried to become chicken powder, and the biggest feature is that it can be dissolved in water. It can effectively retain the flavor, taste and nutrients of natural chicken. It has high protein content. It is the most ideal chicken flavor raw material for the production of medium and high-grade chicken essence, chicken powder and chicken juice seasoning. , meat flavor can not be replaced by other flavors and fragrances, it is a high-quality and low-cost chicken flavor core base material that is most widely used by well-known brand manufacturers in the world.

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