What are the main features of chicken noodle?


1. Pure natural, full of chicken flavor. Using the leading high-temperature and high-pressure cooking process, the fresh and fragrant substances in the chicken are extracted, with a strong fresh sweetness and natural chicken aroma, without salt, monosodium glutamate and other ingredients, high concentration, high nutrition, and real materials. The use of pure natural chicken powder will make the natural chicken taste of the soup stronger and stronger.
2. The technology is advanced, using fermentation to produce aroma, which is formed by spray drying after concentration.
3. Green raw materials, using real chicken as raw materials, the nutrients have natural advantages.
4. Nutrient-rich, easy to use. The protein content of the product is as high as 40% or more, which can significantly improve other nitrogen indicators in the national standard of chicken essence (powder).
It can be widely used in medium and high-grade chicken essence, chicken powder, chicken juice and other household condiments, instant noodle seasonings, salty flavors, various soups (catering broth, thick soup, etc.), leisure and puffed food, biscuits, nutritional conditioning food, Meat and processed aquatic products (chicken balls, fish balls, tribute balls, instant cooked food), etc.

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